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Welcome to, where ordinary people, companies, and organizations can get on track to having extraordinary results! This website was developed for you to learn more about Reco McDaniel, his services, his mission, and his plan to help you achieve those extraordinary results that you desire. Whether you’re looking to enhance your personal lifestyle, build a more productive organization for your company, or provide positive role models for teenagers and adults, we can assist you in your journey.

In today’s busy pace of LIFE, most people forget about the things that really matter most! If you have dreams, you can achieve them; but you must 1st find your way. For instance, if you wanted to go somewhere and you had a map, you would be certain you could get there if you had the vehicle. In life and in business, many of us have the vehicle, but we’re missing the most important thing, THE MAP! C.O.D.E. R.E.D. Marketing and Reco McDaniel will help you locate your map and get on track to reaching your destination!

As one of the youngest and most successful motivational speakers in the industry, Reco McDaniel has a real story of the journey to success, because he’s lived it. In as little as 5 years he went from a broke college student to building a sales organization of tens of thousands of representatives and becoming a million dollar producer in his mid 20s. He has been mentored and coached by numerous successful individuals and now he is “paying it forward”. You should take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to listen and learn from one of the greatest and most humble success stories in the business world today! After you check out our site, let us know what we can assist you with in your success journey.